Drive-Point Piezometers

Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometer

Model 615 Stainless Steel Drive-Point Piezometers


The Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometer is designed as an affordable method to monitor shallow groundwater and soil vapor in suitable conditions.

The Drive-Points attach to inexpensive 3/4" (20 mm) NPT steel drive pipe which is widely available through local plumbing and hardware stores.

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers are most often installed as permanent well points. They can also be used for short term monitoring applications.

High quality samples can be obtained if polyethylene or Teflon® lined tubing is attached to the stainless steel drive point. Groundwater sampling and hydraulic head measurements can be taken within the tubing using small diameter equipment, as described here.

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers can be driven into the ground with any direct push or drilling technology, including the Manual Slide Hammer shown below. To avoid clogging or smearing of the screen during installation, a shielded version is also available.


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Installing Piezometers with a Manual Slide Hammer


Manual Slide Hammer

To install Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers inexpensively, the Manual Slide Hammer can be used. The 25lb (11Kg) slide hammer and all other equipment can easily be transported in a car or truck to most sites.

A heavy duty drive head is used, on which the slide hammer impacts, and a tubing by-pass ensures that the tubing does not get damaged during installation.

Depth Limitations

Drive-point piezometers are not suitable for all sites. The depth limitations vary, especially with soil conditions and the drive method used.


  • Groundwater sampling, including VOCs

  • Water level monitoring

  • Base flow monitoring in stream beds

  • Contaminant plume delineations

  • Soil gas sampling

  • UST monitoring

  • Low cost and minimal disturbance site assessment

  • Sparge points


® Solinst is a registered trademark of Solinst Canada Ltd.
® Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont Corp.