All Under One Roof

At the Solinst headquarters in Georgetown, Ontario, our products are designed, tested, manufactured, assembled, calibrated, shipped and even repaired – all under one roof!

Our production area features three CNC machines (computer numerical control). They allow precision machining of stainless steel, PVC, Teflon®, Delrin® and other materials, which are used to produce many of the components for our products, including Levelogger housings, water level meter probes, pumps, multilevel system components, and drive-points.

A new addition to our advanced machine shop is a laser, which provides precise and accurate etching for our instruments, including the cable of the 102 Water Level Meter.

All of our products are backed by in-house technical sales representatives. Our sales and office staff includes experienced and qualified technicians, engineers, hydrologists and hydrogeologists. They provide fast and friendly service, with a high level of technical experience and know-how.

® Teflon and Delrin are registered trademarks of DuPont Corp.