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Bridging The Gap Between Solinst Leveloggers And IOS

For years, Solinst has offered convenient PC software for programming the Levelogger Series of dataloggers. Now, Apple® mobile users have another option! The Solinst Levelogger App can be downloaded to your Apple smart device running iOS 7 (or higher). The streamlined App provides all the same, major programming options available as the Leveloggers PC Software… Continue Reading »

Levelogger and Barologer Edge

Accounting For Altitude When Compensating Levelogger Data

Barometric Compensation Review As you know, Leveloggers measure total or absolute pressure. When submerged, they record a combination of atmospheric pressure and water pressure above their sensor. Because the intent of using Leveloggers is to obtain fluctuations in water pressure only, their data must be compensated for atmospheric effects. In order to achieve this, atmospheric… Continue Reading »