Model 615ML Stainless Steel Multilevel Drive-Point Piezometers

field technician installing solinst 615ml multilevel drive point piezometer with 3 discrete monitoring ports

solinst 615ml multilevel drive point piezometer showing 3 stainless steel sampling ports


Monitor up to six isolated zones in a single drive location. The 615ML Multilevel Drive-Point Piezometer provides an affordable method to obtain shallow groundwater and soil vapor samples. Solinst also offers the Model 403 CMT® Multilevel System and Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel System (see Model 403 CMT Multilevel System and 401 Waterloo Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring System Data Sheets).

Multilevel Drive-Point Piezometers consist of monitoring ports with stainless steel, 100 mesh cylindrical filter-screens on 3/4" OD stainless steel drive-point port bodies. The ports are connected using 3/4" NPT stainless couplings and drive pipe extensions. A drive-point tip threads onto the first extension, or port, to be driven into the ground. Monitoring ports, couplings, and extensions are added as the piezometer is advanced into the subsurface.

The Drive-Points are designed for single use installations, and not for removal and reuse. They can also be used for temporary, short term monitoring applications. Solinst Multilevel Drive-Point Piezometers can be driven into the ground with any direct push or drilling technology, including a Manual Slide Hammer.


Advantages of Multilevel Drive-Points

solinst 615ml multilevel drive point piezometer stainless steel sampling port and drive point tip


Multilevel Drive-Point Applications