Peristaltic Pumps

solinst peristaltic pumps


We are happy to introduce the New Improved Solinst Peristaltic Pump. The clear pump head design makes it easy to inspect, so you know when the tubing needs to be changed.

The new 410 Pump head design makes it much easier to change out the tubing than our previous design. Also, a new 10amp breaker switch has been added, so no fuses to replace in the field.

The reversible flow dial allows for complete sampling flexibility to achieve 40ml / min to 3.2 L / min sampling capacity in either direction.


Convenient and Easy to Use

The Model 410 Peristaltic Pump is ideally suited for groundwater and vapor sampling from shallow wells or surface water. Compact, lightweight and water resistant, it has excellent field durability. Robust metal case makes it easy to maintain and repair. One easy-access control enables reversible flow and various speeds, allowing high or low-flow sampling. Simply connect to a 12 Volt power source to operate.


Inertial Pumps

solinst inertial groundwater sampling footvalve pumps

  • Ideal for dedication
  • Excellent in silty/sandy environments
  • Easily operated by hand

Bladder Pumps

solinst bladder pumps groundwater sampling

  • Ideal for low flow VOC sampling
  • Durable PTFE bladder
  • Optional disposable LDPE bladders