solinst 407 bladder pump

Bladder Pumps

solinst bladder pumps groundwater sampling

Stainless steel Model 407 Bladder Pumps provide consistent, accurate, reliable groundwater samples in all applications. Ensuring no air/water contact during operation, pumps are ideal for VOC sampling. PTFE bladders are ideal for dedication. Inexpensive polyethylene bladders are also available. Stainless steel pumps are effective at any angle, to depths of 500 ft (150 m), and are ideal for low flow sampling.



High Quality Pumps Providing Representative Samples

solinst bladder pumps sampling voc sample voc bladder groundwater samplers VOC sampling dedicated pumps dedicated sampling pumps image

  • Ideal for VOC groundwater sampling
  • Excellent for low flow purge and sampling
  • High quality stainless steel design
  • Durable PTFE bladder
  • Optional disposable LDPE bladders
  • Portable or dedicated


Pump Control Unit

solinst electronic groundwater sampling pump control unitThe Model 464 Pump Control Unit manually or automatically regulates the supply of compressed air to Pneumatic Pumps. Pre-set sample modes allow easy operation and up to 99 user-created flow rates can be saved to its memory.

Double Valve Pumps

solinst double valve pumps groundwater sampling

Learn how to get the best quality groundwater samples from a Double Valve Pump in our Technical Bulletin. Double Valve Pumps provide representative samples like a Bladder Pump, but without the use of a bladder. Ideal when sampling for PFAS.


solinst 12v submersible pump

415 12V Submersible Pump

The Solinst 12V Submersible Pump provides an efficient means of purging and obtaining groundwater samples from 2" OD monitoring wells. The compact pump can sample from depths of 36.5 m (120 ft) below ground surface, and is easy to adjust the flow rates up to 13.5 L/min (3.6 US gpm) in shallower applications.


solinst 800m mini packer

800M Mini Packer

The 800M Mini Packer is 1 ft in length and is designed to fit in nominal 2" OD monitoring wells to temporarily isolate discrete zones for groundwater sampling. When connected to Solinst Pumps, minimal weight (1.2 lbs) is added due to the small design of the 800M.


Make Your Life Easier In The Field

Consider making your life easier in the field by ordering one of our convenient Field Tables. We have two models available, Well-mount and Stand-alone, to keep your equipment organized and provide a clean, sturdy surface to hold your field tools.

Well-mount Field Table - 115209
Stand-alone Field Table - 115312