Disassembly, Decontamination and Reassembly

Connecting Pump Tubing Stems

solinst double valve pump stainless steel and pvc tubing connections


When required, use a small (2 mm) Allen key through the hole to help loosen and tighten the tubing stems.



  1. Remove the Top Platen from the Pump Body and Riser. Remove the Pump Body from the Bottom Platen and slide it off the Riser.
  2. Remove the Riser from the Valve Body, being careful not to lose the Check Ball.
  3. Remove the Valve Body from the Bottom Platen, being sure not to lose the second Check Ball.
  4. Remove the Filter Retainer from the Bottom Platen, and then remove the Filter Mesh from the Filter Retainer.


The pump has been decontaminated before leaving Solinst however, you may wish to decontaminate your pump before use. The pump should be decontaminated between wells.




  1. Always follow your local guidelines and standard protocols.
  2. Do not use acetone on the O-rings.
  1. Completely disassemble the pump.
  2. Wash all pump components with phosphate-free soap or a detergent.
  3. Rinse all components thoroughly with deionized water and dry.
  4. Replace worn O-rings as necessary, and then reassemble.



  1. Slide the Filter Mesh over the Filter Retainer until seated.
  2. Thread the Bottom Platen onto the Filter Retainer until the O-ring is seated and the parts are finger tight.
  3. Insert a PTFE Check Ball into the top of the Bottom Platen.
  4. Take the Valve Body and insert into the Bottom Platen until the O-ring firmly seats.
  5. Insert a PTFE Check Ball into the top of the Valve Body.
  6. Insert the bottom end of the Riser (hole downward) into the Valve Body.
  7. Slide the Pump Body over the Riser and thread onto the Bottom Platen.
  8. Take the Top Platen and while lining up the top of the Riser into the centre of the Top Platen, thread the Pump Body to the Top Platen.

1.66" SS Double Valve Pump (114836)


solinst 1.66 inch double valve pump

(Filter Retainer and Screen Assembly (Complete) 110517)