Low Pressure Packer Applications

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Model 800 Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers

These simple inexpensive packers inflate with a hand pump and are available in 1.8" and 3.9" (46 mm and 99 mm) diameters. Primarily for short term use in 2" and 4" (51 mm and 102 mm) monitoring wells, they can also be used in smooth boreholes and wells with 1.9 - 5" (48 - 127 mm) inside diameters. Typical inflation pressures for the 1.8" (46 mm) packers are from 20 - 40 psi (140 - 275 kPa) above hydrostatic pressure, and from 20 - 30 psi (140 - 205 kPa) for the 3.9" (99 mm) packers.

The Packers utilize a gland of black carbon reinforced rubber (BCR) on a Sch 80 PVC body. They are lowered on a support cable or a rigid PVC drop pipe. If a rigid drop tube is not required for your application, it is recommended to attach a safety line to the eyebolt provided. The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line provides a convenient, graduated support cable that can be used for this purpose, as well as for measuring placement depth. The inflation line is standard LDPE tubing and connects to the Packers using a simple push fitting.


800M Mini Pneumatic Packers

The 800M Mini Packers are 1 ft. (305 mm) in length and 1.8" (46 mm) in diameter, available in single or straddle packer setups. They are designed for falling head tests, and work easily with the Solinst Model 415 12V Pump to isolate groundwater sampling zones and reduce purge volumes in nominal 2" OD wells. They are also useful when multiple, shorter well intervals need to be isolated, e.g. during aquifer testing.



Isolating discrete zones for short term monitoring: