2.4 Preset Flow Rates

Preset Flow Rates have predefined drive and vent times, they cannot be edited or changed. There are three Preset Flow Rates:

preset flow rate menu
for solinst pump control unit

Figure 2-5 Preset Flow Rate Menu
for Solinst Pump Control Unit


Flow Drive Vent
Low 50 s 25 s
Med 10 s 8 s
High 3 s 3 s


solinst pump control unit 
low flow rate menu

Figure 2-6 Solinst Pump Control Unit
Low Flow Rate Menu

When “Start” is highlighted, pressing OK will start the pumping cycle. When the Control Unit is running the LCD will display the progress of the vent and drive periods. Pressing the OK button when in running mode will stop the cycle.

solinst pump controller running mode

Figure 2-7 Solinst Pump Controller Running Mode