12 Volt Air Compressor

solinst 12v air compressor


12 Volt Air Compressor

The Solinst 12 Volt Air Compressor is durable, lightweight, and very easy to transport, making it ideal for field use and dependable long-term operation.

The 12V Compressor is oil-less and uses a 12V DC power source to operate, such as a vehicle battery. It simply connects to the power source using alligator clips.

The Solinst Compressor uses a 2 US gallon (7.6 L) tank rated to 175 psi. It operates up to 150 psi, as such, it is useful for low flow groundwater sampling applications to depths of less than 30 m (100 ft).

The 12V Air Compressor is ideal for pneumatic pumping systems such as the Solinst Model 407 Bladder Pump and Model 408 Double Valve Pump. It easily connects to the Solinst Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit.


12 Volt Air Compressor Operation

When the Solinst 12 Volt Air Compressor is powered ON, the compressor motor runs until it reaches a maximum tank pressure of 150 psi. The compressor motor will then turn off automatically. This protects the Compressor from overheating.

During operation, the Compressor motor will remain off until the tank pressure drops to 100 psi. At 100 psi, the compressor motor automatically switches on and stays on until 150 psi pressure is produced in the air tank.

A convenient draining valve at the bottom of the tank allows it to be drained after each use, or more frequently in humid conditions. A 25 amp circuit breaker reset button is located on the top of the Compressor, when required.


12 Volt Compressor Technical Specifications
Width: 15" (38 cm)
Depth: 10" (25 cm)
Height: 16" (41 cm)
Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs)
Tank size: 2 US gallons (7.6 litres)
Pump time to fill tank from 0 - 150 psi: 4 minutes
Pump Rates: 1.12 cfm @ zero head to 0.4 cfm @ 125 psi
Power Draw: 18 - 20 amps (25 amp reset fuse)
Max. Operating Pressure: 150 psi
Auto on/off Feature Setting: 100 psi - on
150 psi - off
Cord Length: 7 ft (2 m)


12 Volt Air Compressor Features

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport
  • Durable, sturdy, and requires little maintenance
  • Oil-less compressor does not introduce any hydrocarbon into the air stream
  • Lubrication never required
  • Simply connects to a 12V DC power source, such as a car battery
  • Thermally protected – automatic shut-off before overheating
  • Convenient, easy-to-reset circuit breaker
  • Ideal for low flow groundwater sampling applications to depths of 30 m (100 ft)