4.0 Accessories


When using a compressor, the drain at the base of the tank should be opened on a daily basis to prevent moisture build-up.

solinst oil less 12 volt air compressor drain valve in closed position

Draining valve is closed

solinst oil less 12 volt air compressor drain valve in open position

Draining valve is open



The Control Unit has a built-in moisture filter to prevent moisture from the supply line entering the Control Unit, however, the External Filter is recommended for use with air compressors.


Large compressors should be fitted with a dryer to reduce moisture in the supply lines.

The 12 Volt Compressor connects to the Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit using the 464 Supply Line. It is ideal for low flow applications of less than 100 ft (30 m) depths. It operates using 12 volt DC power source, such as a car or truck vehicle battery, and comes with alligator clips. The compressor operates at up to 150 psi and is equipped with a 2 US gallon (7.6 L) air tank which is rated to 175 psi.

When using the 12 Volt Compressor, or any other air compressor with the Model 464 Electronic Control Unit, it is recommended to use the External Filter. The External Filter connects to the 464 Supply Line, and reduces the risk of moisture entering the Control Unit.

See separate operating and installation instructions for the 12 Volt Compressor and 464 External Filter.


solinst 12 volt air compressor

Figure 4-1 Solinst 12 Volt Air Compressor

solinst 464 electronic pump control unit
external filter with draining valve

Figure 4-2 Solinst 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit
External Filter with Draining Valve (pt#112832)