Disassembly, Decontamination and Reassembly



  1. Always follow your local guidelines and standard protocols.
  2. Do not use acetone on the O-rings.
  1. Completely disassemble the Pump. See Disassembly section.
  2. Wash all pump components with phosphate-free soap or a detergent.
  3. Rinse all components thoroughly with deionized water.
  4. Replace any worn O-rings and Bladder if necessary,and reassemble. We recommend replacing Bladders between wells, or as needed.


  1. Unscrew and remove the Filter Retainer, Filter Screen and Top and Bottom Platens, being careful not to lose the Check Balls.
  2. Remove the Bladder Cartridge Assembly from the Pump Body.



  1. If necessary install new O-rings on both Top and Bottom Retainers and both Platens. (Total of 6).
  2. Put the Filter Screen over the Filter Retainer. Screw the Filter Retainer into the Bottom Platen.
  3. Drop the 5/16" OD PTFE Check Ball into the Bottom Platen. Do not force the ball in, as the correct ball should drop in easily.
  4. Fit the Bottom Retainer of the Bladder Cartridge Assembly firmly into the Bottom Platen. (Bottom Retainer has a notched end).
  5. Slip the Pump Body over the Bladder Cartridge Assembly and screw it onto the Bottom Platen.
  6. Drop a 5/16" OD PTFE Check Ball into the Top Platen and screw the Pump Body onto it.
  7. Shake the assembled pump to hear if the Check Balls rattle. If not, repeat the steps to ensure that the Check Balls are positioned correctly.


The 1" Mk2 Bladder Pumps are also available with 316 stainless steel check balls, and are operated and assembled in the same manner.