12V Submersible Pump Troubleshooting & Maintenance


If the 12V Submersible Pump or Controller fail to work, please try the following:

LED Indicator Light Definitions
LED Condition
Cycling colours: Pump OFF
Solid green: Pump ON
Flashing green: Pumping at Maximum Rate
Slow flashing yellow: Charge Battery
Fast flashing yellow: Voltage Too High
Solid red: Stop Pump. Service Required.
Slow flashing red: Controller Cool-down Required
Fast flashing red: Pump is Disconnected

Slow: 1 flash per second Fast: 4 flashes per second



All "Red" faults require the Controller to be turned off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on to clear the indicator. Exception: if the Controller is overheated, then turn the dial to near "0" but keep the unit powered to let the fan provide airflow for cooling.


12V Submersible Pump Maintenance


12V Submersible Pump Decontamination

  1. Unscrew intake or filter from the bottom of the Pump.
  2. Wash the Pump with a phosphate-free soap.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with deionized water and dry.
  4. Reconnect the intake or a new filter.


Filter Installation

  1. Unscrew the intake from the bottom of the Pump.
  2. Screw the filter into the bottom of the Pump until finger tight.

solinst 12v submersible pump showing sampling intake holes

solinst 12v submersible pump optional disposable filter


800M Mini Pneumatic Packer Connection

suitable for 50 mm (2" OD) Schd 40 wells

  1. Unscrew the intake/filter from the bottom of the Pump.
  2. Screw the Pump to Packer Adaptor into the bottom of the Pump until finger tight.
  3. Screw the 800M Packer Assembly into the bottom of the Pump to Packer Adaptor. (See the Model 800M Assembly and Installation Instructions).
  4. Lower the assembly to the desired depth.
  5. Inflate the Packer Assembly as described in the 800M Assembly and Installation Instructions and operate the 12V Pump in the same manner as described on Page 1.

solinst 415 12v submersible pump connected to 800m mini low pressure groundwater packer using pump to packer adaptor