2.8 Battery Replacement

solinst 464 electronic pump control unit battery warning screen

Figure 2-16 Solinst Pump Control Unit Low Battery Warning


The "Battery Low!" warning will appear at about 0% battery level. This is a conservative battery level estimation based on normal operation.



If the Control Unit is not cycling from drive to vent, check the battery strength. The level should ideally be maintained at 60% or higher.


If the battery level is low, the battery warning will be displayed after attempting to start a drive/vent cycle (Figure 2-16). The battery icon will also be flashing. Press OK to clear the warning message. It will not be possible to start the vent/ drive cycling with a low battery. Replace the battery or operate the Control Unit manually using the Manual Control Button to continue (see Section 2.7 Manual Drive/Vent Cycles).