2.7 Manual Drive/Vent Cycles

The 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit can also be operated manually if preferred. It provides an alternative if the battery power runs out.



The maximum output pressure of the Electronic Control Unit is 125 psi (861 KPa) or 250 psi (1724 KPa), depending on the Unit.


To operate the Control Unit manually, set up and connect the pump, Control Unit and compressed gas supply (see Section 3.2 Pumping Set Up). Apply the compressed gas to the Control Unit.

Use the Regulator on the Control Unit to decrease or increase the pumping pressure. To create a drive/vent cycle, use the Manual Control Button on the Control Panel. When the Manual Control Button is pushed in, it opens the solenoid, which allows the compressed gas to be applied to the pump. When the button is released, it allows the unit to vent.

solinst model 464 electonic pump control unit panel

Figure 2-15 Solinst Model 464 Electonic Pump Control Unit Panel