Electronic Control Unit Quick Start Guide

Control Panel

solinst 464 electronic pump control unit 464 electronic pump control unit quick start guide manual control valve pressure regulator battery enclosure image

  Select a menu item. Press and hold to turn Control Unit off.

  Navigate through menus and menu items.

   Cycle through numbers and letters when editing.

 Manual Control Valve: When pushed, solenoid opens, allowing drive cycle.

 Regulator: Turn to increase or decrease pumping pressure.

 Battery Enclosure: 4 AA alkaline batteries.

 Air Out: Drive line to pump.
       Note: Always use the supplied Drive Line with quick exhuast fitting.

 Air In: Supply line from compressed gas supply.


  1. The Control Unit does not come with the batteries installed.
  2. Pressing any keypad button will turn the Control Unit on.


Main Menu

A Timer indicates amount of time remaining before Unit turns off. Unit will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of being idle.

B Battery life remaining. Icon will flash at 0% battery.

C Percentage of battery life remaining.

D Indicates a menu can be accessed using left cursor.

E Indicates there is a sub-menu for the active menu item.

F User Flow Rates: Create, Save, and edit customized drive/vent cycles.

G LCD Contrast: Adjust contrast of LCD screen.

H About: Displays installed firmware version.

I Preset Flow Rates: Select a flow rate with predefined drive and vent cycles:


Flow Drive Vent
Low 50 s 25 s
Med 10 s 8 s
High 3 s 3 s