solinst 800m mini low pressure pneumatic packer in well expanded with levelogger 5 installed below the packer in the isolated groundwater monitoring zone

Low Pressure Packers

solinst low pressure pneumatic packers shown with centralizer and perforated pipe used when a straddle packer setup is used


Pneumatic Packers are used to isolate a discrete zone in a well or borehole to prevent the mixing of soil gas or groundwater at that particular depth. Subsurface investigations are then focused on the isolated zone only. At the desired depths, Packers are inflated to seal off the discrete zone. This can be done using a single Packer, to monitor the zone above or below it, or a straddle Packer set up to create an isolated section between two Packers.

Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are available in two diameters, as single or straddle packers primarily for use in 2" to 5" monitoring wells (50 and 125 mm). They can be inflated using a hand pump to a maximum of up to 50 psi (345 kPa). Solinst Packers are designed to temporary, low-pressure applications to monitor soil gas and groundwater.

Ideal for isolating discrete zones for:



new solinst 800m mini pneumatic packer

The 800M Mini Pneumatic Packer is also available to fit nominal 2" OD monitoring wells. It is lightweight and only 1ft in length. It is ideal for connecting to the Solinst 12V Submersible Pump and for use during falling head and other aquifer tests.


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Connect a Solinst Bladder Pump or Double Valve Pump to a single or straddle Packer setup. Packers isolate discrete zones, which minimizes purge volumes and allows depth-discrete groundwater samples. Ideal for identifying vertical distribution of contaminants in a well.


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