Pressure Gauge Replacement

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. 464 Panel Mount Gauge 250 psi (Spare) (#111823)
  2. 3/32" Allen Key
  3. 5/16" Wrench
  4. 16 mm Wrench
  5. Teflon® Tape


solinst 464 panel mount 250psi gauge

464 Panel Mount Gauge 1/8" NPTM (Spare) (#111823)



  1. Turn the Control Unit off and remove the batteries.
  2. Use the 3/32" Allen key to undo the four hex screws on the sides of the Control Unit.
electronic pump control unit with pressure gauge and hex screws indicated
  1. Remove the panel from the Control Unit and flip it over to access the Pressure Gauge.
pressure gauge shown installed within the electronic pump control unit
  1. Push down on the “grasping ring” on the elbow fitting and pull to remove the black tubing from the elbow on the Pressure Gauge. Do the same for the clear tubing connected to the Solenoid (next to the Pressure Gauge). Remove other tubing, if required, to gain more access. Remember where the tubing connects.
  2. Use the 16 mm wrench to remove the elbow fitting from the Pressure Gauge.
16 mm wrench to remove the elbow fitting from the pressure gauge
  1. Use the 5/16" wrench to remove the two nuts holding the metal bracket in place.
two nuts holding the metal
  1. Remove the metal bracket and push the Pressure Gauge out through the front of the panel. Pushing the Pressure Gauge out may take some force.
remove metal bracket
  1. Remove the bracket from the new Pressure Gauge. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads on the new Pressure Gauge.
  2. Push the new Pressure Gauge into place through the front of the panel. Ensure the new Pressure Gauge is oriented correctly.

  3. Note:

    There will be a label on the side of the new Pressure Gauge. Tilt the side with the label into the opening in the panel first, to help get the Pressure Gauge in place. You may remove the label if you are still having difficulty getting the Pressure Gauge through the opening.


Teflon tape
  1. Install the new metal bracket and the washers to hold the Pressure Gauge in place. Ensure the washers are just snug.
elbow fitting orientation
  1. Install the elbow fitting onto the new Pressure Gauge. Use a second wrench to hold Gauge while tightening the elbow fitting. Ensure the fitting is all the way on. Position the elbow fitting so that a flat side lines up with the screw. This allows access to reconnect the clear tubing.
  2. Push in to reconnect the black tubing to the elbow fitting, and the clear tubing to the fitting on the Solenoid (reconnect any other tubing).
  3. Place the panel in the Control Unit case and re-install the four hex screws.
  4. Re-install the batteries. Test the Control Unit using compressed air to ensure proper connections were made when replacing the Pressure Gauge.