Model 660 AW Grout Tip


Sealing Profiler Holes

Grout Tip AW Drive-Point Profiler

Holes in most homogeneous sands will collapse as soon as the Profiler is withdrawn. In other geologic formations it is best to use a Profiler fitted with a Grout Tip.

Maintenance and Decontamination

After the system has been removed, proper decontamination of the Drive- Point Profiler must be performed.

  1. Disconnect the 5/32" (4 mm) tubing and discard or appropriately decontaminate.
  2. Using the Allen Key provided, remove the screened inlet hole inserts and then remove the screens (50 mesh).
  3. Note:

    Be careful not to lose the screens. Replacement screens are provided for convenience. Be careful not to damage the screens when decontaminating.

  4. Wash all components with a mild detergent and thoroughly rinse with D.I. water, or follow local guidelines or standards as required by your decontamination procedure.