Solinst Technical Service & Support

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Solinst Sales and Executive Team, from left to right: Susan Loit, Tim Foltz, Derek Yates, Jason Redwood, John Buckley, Jean Belshaw, Kirsten Cooper, Sarah Belshaw, Clayton Brown, Jim Pianosi, Randy Blackburn and Jason Nagasawa

Founded in 1975

Solinst began manufacturing its own line of Water Level Meters in 1982 when Doug Belshaw took over the company. His recognition of the needs of the U.S. groundwater professionals to measure water levels in feet and tenths, not feet and inches, was the early inspiration.From that time on, Solinst has regularly added new items to the product line. The aim has always been to make high quality equipment that is reliable, accurate, simple-to-use, yet innovative.

A strong research team and sales staff that understand the needs of our customers are very important in the process. Solinst believes strongly in good, prompt service, highly trained hydrologists and hydrogeologists to provide technical support, and a website that is a strong resource.