New Enhanced Remediation Device

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a device utilizing a patented technology to allow the enhancement of natural groundwater remediation processes. The device works by providing a regulated, steady application of any amendment material (ie. any chemical or biological stimulant), such as oxygen or hydrogen to encourage aerobic or anaerobic bioremediation.

Manufactured and marketed by Solinst Canada, the Waterloo Emitter provides remediation engineers with a reliable, low- cost device which can be used on its own, or as part of a multi-phase approach to attenuate groundwater contamination.

solinst new enhanced remediation device

This technology is based on diffusion principles whereby a concentration gradient is set up between the inside of the Waterloo Emitter tubing and the groundwater.

Improve results in your next remediation project using the Waterloo EmitterTM.

A transfer of the amendment (liquid or gas) takes place on a molecular level providing a steady, regulated supply which is critical to the proper growth and sustainability of the natural in-situ microbial population.

One remediation project showed a 900% increase in dissolved oxygen levels in Waterloo Emitter locations on the site, with an average 150% increase in down-gradient monitoring wells. A resulting decrease in TPH and BTEX levels of 20% to almost 40% was achieved after only three months in this enhanced remediation process.

One year later, core concentrations of BTEX and TPH had decreased by greater than 80% in the overburden aquifer and 99% in the bedrock aquifer.

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The Waterloo Emitter has now been used effectively in hundreds of remediation projects throughout North America. Available in sizes for use in 2”, 4” and 6” (50, 100, and 150 mm) wells, the Emitter is easy to install and operate. The Solinst website includes a calculator program to help estimate the amount of oxygen which can be expected to be released into the groundwater for any specific application.

Typical Waterloo Emitter transect installation designed to enhanced natural attenuation. CMT or Waterloo Multilevel systems installed down gradient for Emitter efficiency assessment.