Why Use Bladder Pumps?

We all know that bladder pumps are ideal for obtaining extremely accurate, representative groundwater samples. For this reason site regulators, owners, and consultants rely on bladder pumps for reproducible data that is defensible, time and time again.

Although there may be a high initial capital investment, the bladder pump will pay for itself quickly. Only one pump controller is required, and can be re-used on numerous sites and sampling applications. Dedication of customized, pre-assembled systems significantly reduces the time needed in the field for setup. Portable pumps are easily disassembled for decontamination between sampling events.

Bladder pumps are EPA-approved for low flow sampling and groundwater collection for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis. Using low flow methods, only the sampling zone is purged, thus reducing purge volumes, sampling time, and disposal costs. High quality samples with no turbidity or de-gassing cut down the need for repeated sampling.



Solinst offers the Bladder Pump, which is versatile in design and application:

  • Stainless steel pumps are ideal for VOC monitoring
  • PTFE bladders ideal for dedication, disposable LDPE option
  • 1.66″ or 1″ (42 mm or 25 mm) diameter
  • Stainless steel effective to 500 ft (150 m)
    below grade (deeper using a drop tube).
  • Operates effectively at almost any angle
  • Optional freeze protection assembly
  • Use Model 800 Low-Pressure Packers to
    further reduce purge volumes
  • Dedicated or portable
  • Still effective in water only 2″ (50 mm) above pump inlet
  • Inexpensive disposable polyethylene bladders available
  • ‘One touch’ pumping presets, make operation easy