Freezing Conditions? You Can Still Dedicate Your Bladder Pump

solinst bladder pumps for low flow groundwater sampling
Solinst Model 407 Bladder Pumps


Solinst provides a special “Freeze Protection Assembly” for anyone wishing to dedicate Bladder Pumps in conditions where there is a risk of the sample line freezing. The assembly is simple to install in the field and may be retrofitted with ease to existing Pumps. The assembly can be used with 1.66″ and 1″ Pumps, PVC or stainless steel versions. The assembly consists of a specialized dedicated wellhead and “Y” connector. The wellhead allows the attachment of a second sample line, and the “Y” connector creates a “U” with the sample tubing.

By placing the “Y” connector at or below the frost line, water can be flushed from the sample tubing after your sampling round is complete. Just attach a hand pump, peristaltic pump, or compressed air source to one sample line at the wellhead, and water above the “Y” Connector is pushed through the “U” and out the second sample line. Use the wellhead plugs to ensure your sample tubing remains dry and free of ice until your next sampling event.


Freeze Protection Assembly Wellhead Setup

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