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Extensive Groundwater Monitoring Program at Refinery in Australia

HydroTerra, exclusive distributor of Solinst products in Australia, were recently given the task of providing three CMT Multilevel Systems to an alumina refinery in Queensland, Australia. The groundwater monitoring program at the refinery includes monitoring the one 7-channel and two 3-channel CMT Systems, and also biannual sampling of 90 groundwater monitoring wells located in and […]


Enhancing Water Basin Management in Turkey

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in Turkey, have developed a long-term program to enhance the country’s water basin management through 2023. Their goals include, improving water quality, and gaining current and ongoing information on groundwater and surface water resources. Plans involve conducting hydrogeological investigations, geological surveys, creating models, and reporting water resource […]


Leveloggers Monitor Irrigation Channels in Peru

Irrigated agriculture in Peru has been an important part of the country’s growth and development, dating back before the Incan Empire. Recently, concerns including water stress, declining water quality, and vulnerability to climate change have induced a push from the Peruvian government to improve the performance of the existing irrigation systems. The National Water Authority […]


Chile Water Fund Project Tests Durability of Monitoring Instruments

The Nature Conservancy has created a unique method of preserving freshwater resources through Water Funds. Water Fund projects bring together private and public water users, to pay landowners for the conservation and protection of the freshwater sources they share. Efforts focus on conserving and investing in green infrastructure, which help ensure high quality drinking water. […]


Leveloggers Help Assess Groundwater Levels in Uganda

Hope 2 One Life is a non-profit organization that works in Uganda to help provide medical and water supplies to those recovering from the LRA civil war. Thanks to sponsors and donors, Hope 2 One Life has installed eight drinking water wells equipped with reliable hand pumps throughout Uganda, and has plans to install a […]

chlorobenzene plume mapped

Waterloo Multilevel Systems Help Characterize Plume in Landfill Expansion Project

Download Newsletter GZA GeoEnvironmental (GZA), a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm, designed and operates a pump and treat system at a large solid waste landfill in Rhode Island. GZA has been overseeing the system for the past ten years, and have successfully extracted and treated more than 10 million gallons of highly contaminated groundwater. The 230-acre […]


Solinst Telemetry Helps Assess Drought Conditions in North Carolina

The Water Resources Division of North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) is responsible for protecting, enhancing, and managing North Carolina’s surface water and groundwater resources. More than half of North Carolina’s population receives its drinking water from aquifers. With a large amount of the state’s groundwater also being used for irrigation, livestock, mining, and […]


Deep Groundwater & Dissolved Gas Sampling with Double Valve Pumps

Download Newsletter Sampling groundwater from deep wells is a challenge on its own, but add to that the need for accurate dissolved gas analysis, and the task gets that much harder. Low Flow, Deep Groundwater Sampling HydroTerra, a leading Australian company, and exclusive distributor of Solinst products, provides environmental monitoring solutions. They have developed a […]


19 CMT Multilevel Systems Successfully Installed in Challenging Geology

Download Newsletter A facility in Pontypool, Wales, UK was once the location of a plastic forming plant. Over time, chemicals produced through the plastic forming processes were lost into the groundwater beneath the facility, creating a large contaminant plume. Years later it was determined that the plume is migrating off site. In order to intercept […]


Waterloo Emitters used for Bioremediation Study in High Temperature Saline Groundwater

Download Newsletter A study was undertaken to determine the success for aerobic bioremediation of aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX) and MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) in high temperature, saline groundwater conditions. The study included laboratory microcosm experiments, as well as a field trial in Saudi Arabia, in which Solinst Waterloo Emitters were used. To view the full paper […]