Data Collection, Site Design Integration & Sharing

a common theme at Solinst Symposium

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 The 2010 Solinst Symposium came to a close with great response and feedback from the presenters and attendees. The sold-out event provided all in attendance with an excellent exchange of knowledge and networking opportunity with top-level industry professionals and researchers. The speakers provided insight through case studies, their own experiences, and data from ongoing groundwater monitoring programs.

There were definitely overwhelming, common themes throughout the Symposium presentations. It was made clear that successful groundwater monitoring for the 21st century involves obtaining high resolution water level and underground chemistry data, storing it in a database, and making it available to all those who need it. The presenters also highlighted the need for setting project objectives, and extensive field research and testing in order to create detailed site conceptual models to better understand what is happening in the subsurface.

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