Isolate Discrete Zones For High Resolution Monitoring

Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are inflatable seals, ideal for isolating discrete zones in solinst discrete zone monitoring groundwater packers ground water packers isolating discrete zones groundwater monitoring ground water monitoring of discrete zones isolating discrete groundwater zones levelogger low pressure packers groundwater packers imagelong-screened wells and various other formations for:

  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Minimizing purge volumes
  • Reducing well development time
  • Slug and pump tests
  • Air sparging (low pressure)
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing, and more

Single and Straddle Packers fit 2″ – 5″ (50 mm – 125 mm) monitoring wells. They are easily lowered into the well and inflated with a hand pump to create sealing pressures of 20-50 psi.

“We used Solinst Model 800 Low Pressure Inflatable Packers to isolate the screened intervals of observation wells during a critical fractured rock aquifer test. The test involved the use of the Hsieh “cross-hole” technique to define the areal and vertical anisotropy of the rock. The high permeability of the rock dictated that the observation wells had to be able to record drawdown instantaneously with no appreciable time lag. The Solinst Packers, equipped with a Solinst Levelogger mounted within the isolated screened interval of the observation wells, performed perfectly.”

Robert D. Mutch Jr., P.Hg., P.E.Executive Vice President and Principal Groundwater Hydrogeologist HydroQual, Inc., New Jersey