Target, Quantify, And Resolve Contamination Issues

Solinst provides high quality groundwater instruments that can be used in every phase of a contaminated site clean-up. From the initial site investigation, to further characterization, and finally site remediation, a combination of sampling and monitoring tools are available for each stage of the process.

Our Drive-Point Piezometers provide an easy, minimal disturbance approach to the initial site investigation. Quickly and inexpensively assess a site for contamination and pinpoint problem areas by collecting samples from multiple depths.

Solinst CMT and Waterloo Multilevel Systems can be used for long-term sampling and water level monitoring at multiple depths across a site. They provide 3D characterization of vertically shallow or deep contamination. Transects of installations offer a more precise estimate of contamination across a site.

Once areas of contamination have are identified, Waterloo Emitters provide a simple, low cost method to enhance remediation of contaminated groundwater using oxygen, ultimately creating the ideal aerobic conditions for successful bioremediation.