Use A CMT At A LUST Site

Solinst CMT® Multilevel Systemssolinst cmt multilevel system lust sites leaking underground storage tanks monitoring lust sites depth discrete monitoring brownfield development image provide a cost effective solution for identifying and monitoring leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites. They monitor multiple depth-discrete zones in a single borehole, providing complete data sets that quickly identify sites that pose a threat to down-gradient receptors, and those that can be closed with no further action. With strong political and economic incentives to close LUST sites, and redevelop brownfields, CMT Systems are an ideal solution.

  • Inexpensive and simple to install in one day
  • Design, build, install – right at the borehole
  • Monitor up to 7 discrete zones in one well
  • Prevent vertical movement and cross contamination between zones
  • Provide accurate defensible data