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How to Perform a Barometric Compensation using the Data Wizard

In a previous blog post, we discussed the need for, and importance of, barometrically compensating your Levelogger data. Now we will discuss how to actually go about doing a barometric compensation. Here we will focus on our recommended method, which is by using a Barologger and the Levelogger Software Data Wizard. (Click here to read […]


Enhancing Water Basin Management in Turkey

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in Turkey, have developed a long-term program to enhance the country’s water basin management through 2023. Their goals include, improving water quality, and gaining current and ongoing information on groundwater and surface water resources. Plans involve conducting hydrogeological investigations, geological surveys, creating models, and reporting water resource […]


Leveloggers Monitor Irrigation Channels in Peru

Irrigated agriculture in Peru has been an important part of the country’s growth and development, dating back before the Incan Empire. Recently, concerns including water stress, declining water quality, and vulnerability to climate change have induced a push from the Peruvian government to improve the performance of the existing irrigation systems. The National Water Authority […]


Levelogger Compatibility Explained – Ensuring Proper Hardware, Firmware & Software

Levelogger Firmware and Software Updates We are continually improving and upgrading our Levelogger Series of water level dataloggers with new functionality and features, as such, there are periodic software and firmware releases to go with these enhancements. Solinst always recommends using the latest software and firmware with your Leveloggers to get the most out of […]


Absolute vs Vented Water Level Dataloggers – Which Method is Right For Your Project?

Download Technical Bulletin Solinst has always listened to customer feedback in order to offer the best selection of groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation. As a result, after many years, and many requests, Solinst has released a vented water level datalogger to meet the needs of our clients. The new AquaVent™ uses a vented pressure […]


Leveloggers Help Assess Groundwater Levels in Uganda

Hope 2 One Life is a non-profit organization that works in Uganda to help provide medical and water supplies to those recovering from the LRA civil war. Thanks to sponsors and donors, Hope 2 One Life has installed eight drinking water wells equipped with reliable hand pumps throughout Uganda, and has plans to install a […]

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3 Simple Ways to Download Levelogger Data in the Field

Leveloggers are recording water levels in your monitoring well network, and it’s time to go out and collect your quarterly data – what options do you have for doing this? Solinst offers three standard ways to retrieve Levelogger® data in the field, without removing them from their monitoring location. Let’s discuss each one. 1. Using […]

Levelogger and Barologer Edge

5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Water Level Datalogger

There are many water level dataloggers on the market. So how do you decide which one is best for you? There’s a lot to consider. First, you have to decide whether you want to go with a vented or absolute instrument … but let’s save that for a future conversation. Let’s focus on absolute pressure […]

Programming a Levelogger Water Level Datalogger

Long-term Open Channel & Surface Water Monitoring with Leveloggers

Download Technical Bulletin Leveloggers are used for measuring water levels in various surface water monitoring applications, including: flood and drought monitoring, base flow monitoring in stream beds, watershed recharge studies, stream gauging, lake and reservoir level monitoring, harbour and tidal fluctuation monitoring, wetlands monitoring, stormwater runoff monitoring, construction site runoff management, ecological studies, field research […]

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Ensuring Proper Use and Levelogger Maintenance

Download Technical Bulletin Knowing What to Expect As with any groundwater or surface water monitoring project, you should determine the best instruments to use, and how to maintain those instruments, based on the monitoring environment specific to your application. When using Leveloggers, this means selecting the appropriate pressure range, ensuring the monitoring temperatures are within […]