Water Level Meters “Second To None”

James Sullivan, Staff Environmental Scientist with GeoTrans Inc., has been very satisfied with the use of Solinst instruments in a variety of groundwater monitoring projects: “The reliability of Solinst Water Level Meters is second to none when it comes to accuracy, precision and durability. In the groundwater field I have utilized several different types of solinst water level meters solinst water level indicators reliable water level meters coaxial cable water level meters imagewater level meters, and the Solinst meters fit all purposes when it comes to taking hydraulic field measurements. I use the Solinst Model 102 Coaxial Cable Water Level Meter for multilevel monitoring wells, due to the coaxial slim design and weighted end, which makes it easy to tag the water column in narrow diameter monitoring devices.

In one ongoing study, utilizing Solinst Levelogger Gold transducers, I use the Solinst Model 101 and Model 102 Water Level Meters to measure the depth to the water in over seventy-five wells. The data from the water level meter and the transducer data are read, and then a simple calculation is performed to get the water level elevation. The accuracy of the measurements never ceases to amaze me. The overall reliability, ease of use, and ability to check the transducer measurements with some simple math and a monitoring point elevation is always a benefit to any groundwater research.”– James Sullivan, Staff Environmental Scientist, GeoTrans Inc.