Levelogger Edge Vs. Levelogger Gold: Offset Differences Explained

Have you noticed a difference in raw water level (pressure) readings when comparing data recorded by the latest Levelogger Edge line versus previous models?

The reason is that the Levelogger Gold, Junior and LTC Junior, provide water column equivalent values above the datalogger’s zero point of 9.5 m/ 950 cm/ 31.17 ft. The latest Levelogger Edge models have no zero point offset; therefore, while each model measures the same pressure, the data will appear different. (See the graph below.)

Do you need to consider this during data interpretation?

Not if you are using the latest Version 4 Levelogger Software. Barometric Compensation between the same, or a mix, of Levelogger models automatically considers this zero point offset difference.

When comparing water level data from a Levelogger Edge and a Levelogger Gold, the Edge data displays higher values, but the two loggers are actually recording the same pressure. The Levelogger Gold is reading values above its zero point offset of 9.50 m. The Levelogger Edge has no offset.