5 Reasons To Add The LevelSender To Your Leveloggers

Do you have a network of groundwater monitoring wells? Are the wells equipped with Levelogger water lev­el data loggers? Are you frequently traveling long distances to collect the data?

levelogger connected to levelsender telemetryThese are all reasons you need LevelSender 5 telemetry! The Model 9500 LevelSender 5 from Solinst uses a cellular modem to send water level data from remote Leveloggers in the field to a Home Station computer and smart devices via email and SMS.

Here are five more reasons you should consider adding LevelSender 5 telemetry to your Leveloggers:

1 – It’s Easy

Adding LevelSender 5 telemetry to your Leveloggers is easy!

The LevelSender 5 simply connects to your Levelogger’s Direct Read Cable using a Reader Cable (see image at left).

The LevelSender 5 can be used with your existing Leveloggers, as long as they are using the most up-to-date firmware. Check your compatibility here: https://www.solinst.com/products/data/3001compatibility.pdf

Note: LevelSender 5 telemetry is also compatible with the LevelVent 5 vented water level dataloggers.

Watch the first video in our LevelSender series to get an overview of all the stan­dard equipment needed to get your LevelSender up and running.

2 – It’s Compact

A LevelSender 5 is able to fit inside a 2″ well!

So, you can fit a Level Sender 5 with a Levelogger and Barologger, all inside the same well. This allows for dis­crete and secure deployment. You most likely won’t have to make too many adjustments to your existing well installation.

Also, with the most recent update to the LevelSender 5, an internal barometer is included in each system. So, you can simplify installation further with just a Levelogger and utilize the internal barometer to report automatically compensated water level data.

Video two in our LevelSender series shows how to assemble LevelSender telemetry and install it in a well with a Levelogger:

3 – It’s Efficient

Once you have all of the required equipment, programming and getting your LevelSender 5 up and running is really fast.

You just need to download the LevelSender PC Software from the Solinst Downloads page on your Home Station computer (it’s free!). Connect the LevelSender 5 to your PC using a USB to USB-C cable (you may have one, or you can purchase one through Solinst).

A Software Setup Wizard guides you through each step required to program your LevelSender 5, including your 4G modem SIM card setup, email setup, datalogger setup and alarms, data collection and reporting schedule, and data recipients.

Note: If you order a LevelSender 5 with a Solinst 4G SIM card, it comes pre-programmed and installed, eliminating even more time required for set up.

Watch the following videos that show how the LevelSender PC Software gets you up and running efficiently:

It is also effortless to make remote changes to the data collection schedule after the LevelSender 5 is deployed.

Using the LevelSender PC Software, you can send updates from the Home Station to the Level Sender 5 in the field. You can also remotely set the Leveloggers to record independently in their own memory as a back-up.

View this next video to see how it’s done:

4 – It’s Convenient

You get water level data without having to go out and collect it! The data comes to you when you need it wherever you are.

The remote water data is sent to you in various ways, ensuring you are covered. And access to remote real­ time data on multiple devices helps you make accurate decisions more quickly.

First, data is sent to the Home Station PC.

You can view each data report sent to the Home Station email using the Data Collection tab in the Level­Sender Software. You can also export and save .xle (Levelogger) data files using the Data Collection tab. The data files are opened in Levelogger Software for barometric compensation or other data adjustments. You can also export data as a .csv file for use in other programs.

Also at the Home Station, data from each report is placed in an SQLite database. The database is appended with each report. The database can be queried by your own macros or applications to automati­cally check for updates and display the data on your own website or another custom setup of your choosing. You can also configure FTP settings using LevelSender Software to set up automatic export of data to your server.

In addition to the Home Station email, you can program four other emails to receive data reports. So, you can get data on your smartphone and set up your other colleagues or project partners to get data as well.

Finally, you can get the data sent to your smartphone via text messages.

Note: In addition to the data, you can program alarm settings for each connected datalogger, so you are notified via email or text message if a high or low-level condition occurs.

Watch video five in the LevelSender series to get an overview of all the convenient data collection options.

5 – It’s Inexpensive

To start, purchasing a LevelSender 5 itself is fairly reasonable – remember, you probably already have some of the equipment you need. (Plus, LevelSender Software is free!)

The LevelSender 5 has very low power needs. It uses three 1.5V AA lithium batteries to operate. And depending on your data sampling and reporting rates, they can last up to four years without replacement.

LevelSender 5 telemetry also has low monthly data plan requirements.

Read our handy LevelSender Prep Guide that outlines all the important things you should consider before purchasing a LevelSender 5, including the cellular service plan details and battery life estimates.

Solinst can also provide a 4G SIM card set up (and preinstalled) based on your data needs. The Solinst SIM card scans multiple service providers and automatically connects to the strongest network in your area. Solinst offers low cost, data-only cellular plans that are managed and billed directly, monthly or annually by Solinst as low as 4.50 USD a month!

The Solinst SIM not only saves you money, but it also saves you time as the LevelSender 5 is set up in advance, simplifying the programming and installation process—creating a plug and play solution. This option also eliminates frustrations with any other cellular service providers.

There are other ways LevelSender 5 telemetry helps save you money.

Telemetry provides the means to access remote site data, cutting out the need to travel to the site. This means travel and labour costs are reduced and project costs can be minimized.

Another great feature of the LevelSender 5 system is that each data report contains diagnostic information including battery level and system status. This means you can keep an eye on things, and only go out to the field when you need to.

View the last video in the LevelSender series to see how you can use other diagnostic tools in the LevelSender Software to keep your LevelSender functioning.

Make sure to watch all seven videos in our LevelSender series, and contact any of our Sales Representative to learn more or get a quote to equip your Leveloggers with LevelSender 5 telemetry!