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Model 9500 LevelSender

solinst levelsender


LevelSender (includes: 2" well cap, hanger bracket, batteries, antenna)

pn. 111513


Model 9500 Communication Cables

Reader Cable - 3ft

pn. 112867

USB Programming Cable

pn. 112868


Model 9500 Optional Accessories

Windows Software & Manual (CD-ROM)

pn. 112869

Optional Logger Connection Y - Splitter

pn. 109700

Support Hanger Bracket (Spare)

pn. 112764

Well Cap Assembly (2"OD)

pn. 112767

Well Cap Adaptor (4"OD)

pn. 110235

Choose a Levelogger

The Product description refers to the range of water level fluctuation the unit can tolerate. e.g. The F15/M5 Model can handle approximately +/- 15 feet or +/- 5 meters of change in water level at its deployed depth.

Model 3001 Levelogger Edge (Full Scale WL Range; Water Level & Temp.)


Datasheet   View | PDF (1 MB)

Edge LT M5

pn. 110023

Edge LT M10

pn. 110180

Edge LT M20

pn. 110182

Edge LT M30

pn. 110183

Edge LT M100

pn. 110184

Edge LT M200

pn. 110378

Model 3001 Barologger Edge (Barometric Pressure)


Datasheet   View | PDF (1 MB)

Edge Barologger M1.5

pn. 110179

Model 3001 Levelogger Junior Edge


Datasheet   View | PDF (371 KB)

Junior LT M5

pn. 110241

Junior LT M10

pn. 110242

Model 3001 LTC Levelogger Edge


Datasheet   View | PDF (768 KB)

LTC Edge M5

pn. 112890

LTC Edge M10

pn. 112696

LTC Edge M20

pn. 112901

LTC Edge M30

pn. 112900

LTC Edge M100

pn. 112904

LTC Edge M200

pn. 112907

Model 3002 Rainlogger Edge


    Datasheet View | PDF (265 KB)
Deployment View | PDF (252 KB)

Rainlogger Edge

pn. 111108

Direct Read Cable Deployment Options

Direct Read Comm. Pkg. (USB)

Deployment View | PDF (3 MB)

(c/w Optical Reader, PC Interface Cable, CD with manual and software)

pn. 107379


Direct Read Cable Assemblies - Imperial

5ft Assembly

pn. 110582

15ft Assembly

pn. 104940

50ft Assembly

pn. 104766

100ft Assembly

pn. 104767

200ft Assembly

pn. 104768

250ft Assembly

pn. 105256

300ft Assembly

pn. 104769

ft. - Custom Direct Read Cable Length (up to 1500ft.)


Levelogger Accessories


Optical Reader (USB)

pn. 110149

Direct Read to Optical Adaptor

pn. 112123

Slip Fit DR to Optical Adaptor

pn. 112706

Windows Software & Manual - Edge (CD-ROM)

pn. 110355

LTC Calibration Solution (1413µS-460ml)

pn. 101582

LTC Calibration Solution (5000µS-460ml)

pn. 105008

LTC Calibration Solution (12880µS-460ml)

pn. 101583

Biofoul Screen for the Levelogger

pn. 110659

Black Top Cap (set of 10)

pn. 110609