9.4 Password Setup

Activating the password protection function will prevent unauthorized changes using the Leveloader, to an attached Levelogger's settings.


A maximum of 6 characters can be entered for the password.

In this section of the 'Leveloader' tab, check to enable password protection, enter your password, then re-enter to confirm (Figure 9-8). To send the password to the Leveloader, click the 'Apply Leveloader Settings' iconapply leveloader settings .

figure 9-8 leveloader password setup window

Figure 9-8 Password Setup Window

Once a password has been set, the 'Password Setup' section will update to look like Figure 9-9.

solinst leveloader password setup 9.4 leveloader password setup image

Figure 9-9 Password Enabled

To remove a password, enter the current password, uncheck 'Enable Password Protection on Edit Levelogger', then click the 'Apply Leveloader Settings' icon . The 'Password Setup' section will update to look like Figure 9-10.

figure 9-10 password not enabled

Figure 9-10 Password Not Enabled