Discover Anywhere Monitoring

The Model 9700 SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry is an advanced telemetry system that leverages Iridium satellite technology to provide global connectivity for your remote water monitoring projects.

The SolSat 5 uses TextAnywhere two-way global satellite messaging service to send data from Solinst dataloggers in the field to a secure web portal where you have complete control of your data. TextAnywhere also allows you to text or email through the integral SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App, providing convenience and safety when at remote sites.

The SolSat 5 is compact, lightweight, and features a robust weatherproof enclosure. It is installed anywhere with very little site preparation, saving costs and time in the field. A built-in solar panel extends the battery life. You can easily upgrade your existing Levelogger installations by adding the SolSat 5. One Solinst datalogger can be connected to a SolSat 5 using an existing direct read cable.

The SolSat 5 is simple to set up with Solinst dataloggers using an integral, secure Wi-Fi App on your smartphone or laptop. The app allows viewing, scheduling, and configuration wirelessly from your browser. You can also set high or lowlevel alarms for the connected datalogger.

Select a low-cost data plan of your choice through Solinst – sampling rate to collect data from the connected datalogger and a report rate to send data via satellite transmission. Along with water level, temperature, conductivity, or barometric data, battery voltage from the remote SolSat 5 is received with each data report. The built-in barometric sensor allows for automatically compensated water level data reported from the field.