Register for Solinst Cloud

welcome to solinst cloud


To access Solinst Cloud, go to: using your Chrome browser. Click Register.

  1. Fill out your contact information and create a password for your account.
  2. Enter your billing information. Read, and check to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Register.
  3. solinst cloud registration step 1 contact information


  4. Use the Data Calculator to determine the amount of storage you will require, then select your data plan. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  5. solinst cloud step 3 plan selection



    There is also a data calculator and list of the available plans on the Solinst Cloud home page.


  6. Complete the registration by confirming your plan and entering your payment details (credit card). Click Pay Now.
  7. You will receive confirmation that your payment was successful and an email will be sent with a link to confirm your registration.
  8. solinst cloud payment confirmation page


  9. Now you can Login at The Dashboard will display after you log in. It provides a quick and organized overview of all your projects, including a list and map view, and alarm status. It also displays the amount of data storage available and the annual data transfer of all the devices in your account. You can upload new data logs to be added to projects, which will create a list of data logs that need approval. See the Solinst Cloud User Guide for more details.
  10. solinst cloud dashboard

    Solinst Cloud Dashboard



Selecting a device location from the map will display a pop-up with information from the device's latest report.