Features of the LevelSender 5

solinst levelsender 5 telemetry system for leveloggers installed in well

Single Levelogger Installation

  • Sized to fit inside a standard 2" well casing
  • Internal barometer for automatic water level compensation
  • Connection for up to two dataloggers on each device
  • Low-cost Solinst Cloud or free LevelSender Software for full user control and data management
  • Remote data access via Solinst Cloud or FTP; email/SMS data transmission also available
  • Database is automatically updated with each new data report
  • Easy programming of independent datalogger recording
  • Issue remote diagnostic commands via email from the Home Station or Solinst Cloud


LevelSender 5 Specifications
Modem: 4G LTE UE Category M1 device:
B1 (2100MHz), B2 (1900MHz), B3 (1800MHz), B4 (AWS 1700MHz), B5 (850MHz), B8 (900MHz), B12 (700MHz), B13 (700MHz), B18 (800MHz),
B19 (800MHz), B20 (800MHz), B20 (800MHz), B26 (850MHz), B28 (700MHz)
SIM Card: Standard/Mini SIM (15 mm x 25 mm); option of Solinst SIM or through service provider of client's choice
Communication: Remote access via Solinst Cloud, FTP, email or SMS
Antenna: SMA Male Monopole 2dBi, Higher gain antenna with max. 12dBi can be sourced elsewhere.
Optional Antenna: LTE Omni Wall/Pole Mount 790–960MHz, 1710–2690MHz and 3400–3800MHz with 10ft cable (IP68 seal kit available)
Data File Type: text, .xle, .sqlite
Sampling Interval: 1 minute - 99 hours
Reporting Interval: 5 minutes - 99 hours
Schedule Programming: Directly via USB-C connection on the LevelSender 5 or remotely via LevelSender Software (email) or Solinst Cloud
Power Supply: 3 x AA 1.5V replaceable lithium batteries
Battery Life Example: Hourly sampling and daily reporting: 433 days with 1 datalogger, 429 days with 2 dataloggers
Memory Capacity: (Between Reports) Up to 40,000 LT logs, or 28,000 LTC logs
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +60ºC
IP Rating: IP67
Materials: Black Delrin®, 316 stainless steel
Size: 2.5" x 9.375" (with antenna folded down)
Weight: 16.9 oz. (478 grams)
Compatible Dataloggers: Levelogger 5 Series dataloggers, LevelVent 5, as well as previous versions of the LevelVent and Levelogger Edge Series dataloggers
Number of Connected Dataloggers: 1, or 2 using a splitter
Barometric Compensation: Internal barometer for automatic barometric compensation of water level data if a Barologger is not being used (not required for vented loggers)
Internal Barometer Range: 30 kPa – 120 kPa
Internal Barometer Accuracy: ±0.2 kPa (2 cm)