DataGrabber Firmware Upgrade Instructions

The DataGrabber (with a serial number greater than 325524) has been designed with firmware that is easy to update whenever useful new functions or other improvements become available.

To update the firmware in your DataGrabber, go to the Solinst Website at:

You can sign-in or register to gain access to the DataGrabber firmware upgrade file that is contained within a zip archive.

Make sure you unzip the archive to access the firmware *.ssf file.


The DataGrabber must have firmware version 2.000 or higher to allow a firmware upgrade. The original DataGrabber firmware version can be found on a label inside the battery compartment. Contact Solinst if you require a firmware upgrade and have a firmware version lower than 2.000.


solinst datagrabber data transfer unit for levelogger data

solinst datagrabber startup status and data transfer status led light legend

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Press and hold the DataGrabber button for 2 seconds to power-on the DataGrabber.
    • If there is a flashing red light during startup, replace the 9V battery.
    • Wait for the light to flash fuchsia, then press and hold to turn the DataGrabber off.
  2. Save the firmware *.ssf file on a USB flash drive key.
  3. Plug the USB key into the DataGrabber.
  4. Power-on the DataGrabber.
  5. If a firmware file is found on the USB key, and the version is more recent than what is currently installed, the upgrade process will begin. A white light rapidly flashes as the process takes place.
  6. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, the normal self-test sequence is performed (see DataGrabber Operating Instructions for more information on the self-test and indicator light).
  7. If no firmware file is present on the USB key or the firmware file is old, the DataGrabber switches to the self-test and normal operation.