solinst rainlogger 5 rain gauge datalogger

Rainlogger 5

solinst rainlogger 5 rain gauge tipping bucket datalogger

The Rainlogger 5 is designed to record the tips of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge. Compact and waterproof, this durable field unit offers long-term reliability with a battery that lasts up to 10 years. The event time stamp and total rainfall per time period is logged in non-volatile memory, which holds up to 100,000 readings. Sampling is event based, as the Rainlogger 5records and saves each tip of the tipping-bucket as it happens.

Compatible with Levelogger Software and Solinst Telemetry Systems, Rainloggers are excellent for measuring local precipitation, larger scale remote monitoring of watersheds and localized stormwater event monitoring. Levelogger customers can now add precipitation data to their water level monitoring networks.


Reliable Water Level Datalogging

solinst levelogger 5 water level dataloggers

The Levelogger 5 is an absolute precision water level and temperature recording device. It features 0.05% FS accuracy, memory for up to 150,000 sets of datapoints and built-in battery that lasts 10 years. It is ideal for long term groundwater monitoring.

Remote Monitoring Systems

    solinst sts 5 telemetry system

  • Time and cost savings
  • Manage data yourself
  • No data hosting fees
  • Reliable data transfer direct to your desktop
  • solinst sts telemetry systems for water level dataloggers

  • Flexible options to suit site and application conditions
  • Rainfall and water levels
  • Low maintenance


Versatile Submersible Water Level Transmitter

301 water level temperature sensor

The 301 Water Level Temperature Sensor provides the option of highly accurate water level transmission using multiple protocols – MODBUS and SDI-12 – for a wide variety of applications. This compact, all-in-one submersible hydrostatic level transmitter provides continuous, stable water level and temperature readings, with options for absolute and gauged pressure sensors.



Solinst Readout Unit (SRU)

solinst readout unit (sru)

The Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) is a rugged, handheld device designed to connect to a deployed Solinst datalogger and display instant water level readings – with the option of automatic barometric compensation. Real-time logging and downloaded data can be saved and transferred to a PC. Quickly check the datalogger's status.


Plug and Play Telemetry

solinst levelsender 4g with built in sim card

Already own Leveloggers? Quickly and easily upgrade your monitoring wells with LevelSender Telemetry. The 4G LevelSender 5 telemetry system features an optional Solinst SIM card. It is set up for you in advance—with a low-cost plan managed by Solinst! An internal barometer provides automatically compensated water level readings; set high/low level alarms.