2.0 Levelogger Independent Recording Option

Solinst Leveloggers have the ability to record and store readings in their internal memory, independent from the SDI-12 network, while connected to an SDI-12 datalogger. Before connecting the Levelogger to the SDI-12 Interface Cable and datalogger, it can be programmed and started using Solinst Levelogger Software.


See Levelogger Series User Guide for detailed Levelogger Operating Instructions.

All standard sampling options provided by Solinst Levelogger Software are available while the Levelogger is operating as an SDI-12 sensor. The Levelogger can be set to record at a user-defined sampling rate; event, linear, and scheduled sampling modes are available using the Levelogger Settings Window. This allows the Levelogger to provide back-up data if the SDI-12 network fails. The Levelogger stores the data in its internal EEPROM memory, until it is downloaded.


The Levelogger users its internal battery each time the SDI-12 datalogger requests a reading. The internal battery will drain more quickly if the Levelogger is also set to record independently.