4.2 Solinst Levelogger App Navigation Menu

Access to the Navigation Menu appears at the top left of every screen menu button. Tap menu button again to hide the Navigation Menu.


There will also be "back" arrows at the top left to take you to the previous screen, where applicable.

solinst levelogger app main menu ios

Figure 4-3 Solinst Levelogger App Main Navigation Menu on iOS - No Datalogger Connected

solinst levelogger app main menu android

Figure 4-4 Solinst Levelogger App Main Menu on Android - Datalogger Connected

Tap menu button to get the following options in the Navigation Menu:

Dataloggers: Takes you to the Home Screen that shows the connected, and previously connected dataloggers. You can connect a datalogger, download data, program, apply a saved Setting, view real-time data, and start/stop a connected datalogger. You can view data from previously connected dataloggers (see Section 4.6).

Start/Stop/Edit Settings: Program the connected datalogger’s settings, and start or stop the datalogger recording (see Section 6.0).


If there is no datalogger connected, the Start/Stop/Edit Settings menu item will change to View Datalogger Settings. This allows you to view the settings of previously connected dataloggers in the list.

Saved Settings: Program and save up to 10 Settings that can be applied to a connected datalogger (see Section 7.0).

Real-Time View: View readings from the connected datalogger as they are logged (see Section 8.0).

Diagnostics: Obtain information about the connected datalogger that can help identify and fix any problems you may encounter with your datalogger (see Section 11.0).

Conductivity Calibration: Perform a conductivity calibration for an attached Levelogger 5 LTC or LTC Levelogger Edge (see Section 12.0).

User Defaults (Section 4.3) and About Solinst (Section 4.4) are also options.


Swiping across to the left when viewing the Navigation Menu will take you to the last screen you were viewing.