7.2 Power Options

7.2.1 Battery Life Estimates

STS Telemetry Systems use a 12V sealed lead-acid battery (not supplied by Solinst, see Section 3.3 for battery specifications), which connects to the STS Telemetry System. The life-time of the battery varies depending on the frequency of your Sample and Report Rates. The following are estimates based on a minimum power source using a 12V battery, with four dataloggers connected to the System. With only one datalogger connected, battery life estimates will be approximately 10% longer. The battery life estimates assume the STS and modem are NOT set to be "Always On".


Solinst recommends using a 12-30 AHr deep-cycle, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.


If you choose a Sample Rate less than 15 minutes and a Report Rate less than 30 minutes, "Always On" will default, as the entire System has to be active (see Section 4.2).

Sample Rate Report Rate Battery Life Estimates
Every 15 Minutes Every 6 Hours 7 Months
Every Hour Every 24 Hours 1 Year
Every 6 Hours Every 3 Days 1.3 Years
Every 24 Hours Every 7 Days 1.4 Years

Table 7-1 Battery Life Estimates Using a Minimum Power Source 12V Battery


Battery re-charging should be done on regular scheduled intervals, based on the battery life estimates. It is recommended to recharge the battery once it reaches 10 Volts. Recharging is especially important in the fall, if the winter temperatures are cold. Replace existing lead-acid batteries every 3-5 years.