6.3 Troubleshooting

WLTS Does Not Reply
The most common error is that SDI-12 commands are being sent with an address which does not match the actual device address of the WLTS being used, in which case the WLTS will not reply. Try changing the address of the SDI-12 command being sent.


The recorder receives badly formatted replies from the SDI-12 network of WLTS
Check that all WLTS's on the network have different and unique device addresses. Otherwise there will be data bus collisions and scrambled data will be returned on replies to the recorder or SDI-12 recorder.


Received an invalid response to the D command, e.g. 0000<CR><LF>
Retry the command. The WLTS may have been busy, or not connected properly to the Communication/ Vented Cable. If your recorder supports automatic retries consider enabling that function.