4.0 LevelSender Configuration

4.1 Home Station Email Setup


If using Solinst Cloud to set up your LevelSender, you will not require any email addresses set up. See Solinst Cloud User Guide.

To enable your Home Station to receive emails and data, and send remote updates, you must set up a Home Station email. Multiple LevelSender stations can report to one Home Station email. It is recommended that a unique, dedicated email address be set up for your Home Station.


If you open data report messages sent to the Home Station email using the email program and not LevelSender Software, those reports will not be listed in the Received Email window. Only "unread" messages will be listed. This is why a dedicated, unique email address is recommended for the Home Station.

To set up an email for your Home Station, click email setup icon. You can also go to the Configuration menu and select Email Account Configuration.

solinst levelsender home station email account configuration

Figure 4-1 Home Station Email Account Configuration


Enter the following information:


You may require your IT department to help determine some of the following information.


See the Appendix for Gmail and Yahoo email setup information.


User Information

Mail Server Information

Login Information

Outgoing Server Information

Server Port Number

Click OK once you are finished entering all of your Home Station email account information.


4.1.1 Checking Home Station Email

Once you have set up your Home Station email, you can test that the settings you entered are correct by clicking email icon.

This will open the LevelSender Email Client. The LevelSender Email Client will indicate whether an email was received by the Home Station.


If the test email was not successful, go to Section 8.3 for troubleshooting options.

You can access the LevelSender Email Client at any time to view all emails received or sent by the Home Station, including test emails.

levelsender email client

Figure 4-2 LevelSender Email Client


Using Preferences under the Configuration menu, you can also set a schedule at which the LevelSender Software will check the Home Station email for any sent or received email. Select "Check Email for every" and enter how often you want the email checked (See Section 5 for information on the Default File Output Directory and FTP Export Settings.)


You can also enable FTP export of the data during initial set up of your LevelSender. See Section 4.2.4.

levelsender email client schedule setup

Figure 4-3 LevelSender Email Client Schedule Setup