Vacuum Monitoring

Vacuum monitoring is usually conducted by first installing pressure transducers such as the Levelogger in monitoring wells and then shutting-in or sealing those wells to the atmosphere with pressure sealed wellheads. Air is pumped out from an extraction well amongst the cluster or matrix of monitoring wells, theoretically dropping air pressure in the vicinity of the extraction well. For short-term tests in which data is not required during the extraction event, the Leveloggers can be programmed and simply suspended from hooks or eyelets on the underside of the sealed wellheads, the test run and the data collected at the end of the test by extraction and downloading of the loggers. However, if ongoing data from the Leveloggers is required during the extraction event, the loggers must be installed in a manner similar to the artesian monitoring scenarios described previously in this section. Leveloggers or Barologgers can be used to monitor the drop in pressure.


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