7.0 LevelSender Maintenance

As with any groundwater or surface water monitoring project, you should select the proper equipment and determine a maintenance schedule based on the monitoring environment specific to your application.

For the LevelSender 5, Leveloggers and LevelVent this means selecting the appropriate pressure range, ensuring the monitoring temperatures are within the instruments specifications, and making sure the wetted materials are compatible with site chemistry. See the Levelogger and Vented Dataloggers User Guides for important information about maintaining your dataloggers.

Replacing the LevelSender batteries will have to be done on a regular basis, and is based on usage. See Section 2.3 for battery life estimates and installation instructions. Battery life percentage is sent with each LevelSender report to allow remote battery level monitoring. It is recommended to replace the batteries when the percentage reaches 60%.

When not in use, the Reader Cable should be disconnected and the dust cap replaced on the LevelSender datalogger connection. Batteries and SIM cards should be removed from the LevelSender during storage.


To access the SIM card, you must remove the top cap of the LevelSender. To do this, remove the three screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Loosen the antenna by its base, three full turns. Pull the top cap to remove it along with the antenna.