Simple Telemetry for Solinst Dataloggers

solinst levelsender 5 telemetry sytems remote water level monitoring designed for levelogger groundwater dataloggers

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The Model 9500 LevelSender 5 is a simple, low cost system designed to wirelessly send data from dataloggers in the field, via 4G cellular communication, to the Solinst Cloud or a Home Station computer and an FTP server; email and SMS are also options.

Each LevelSender 5 has a single port to connect one datalogger with an optional splitter that allows the connection of a second datalogger. A built-in barometer allows Levelogger data to be automatically compensated for barometric affects.

LevelSender 5 stations are compact in design, which allows them to be discreetly installed inside 2" well caps. With low power needs, LevelSender 5 stations use three replaceable 1.5V AA lithium batteries to operate. Solinst provides a ready-to-go option with a preprogrammed SIM card and low cost cellular plan managed and billed directly through Solinst.

Data is sent to the Solinst Cloud, or received on an FTP server, at a Home Station computer in a dynamic database, or via e-mail and SMS. Data can be exported as .xle files that can be opened for use in Solinst Levelogger Software.




Solinst Cloud is a device and data-management web-tool that provides quick and secure access to your crucial water monitoring projects. Effortlessly connect to your remote monitoring sites and Solinst devices using your browser. It is a total solution for maintaining projects and giving real-time access to your devices, data and alarms. Solinst Cloud provides an intuitive interface to configure your LevelSender telemetry systems and monitoring networks. It organizes your information into projects, making it easy to get your data. The Dashboard view is simple to navigate to critical details, such as alarm triggers and the latest reports. Dashboard