2.1 Data Downloading and Programming in Field

If the Levelogger has been programmed to record on its own independent schedule, data can be downloaded from the Levelogger using a laptop PC or Leveloader, and PC Interface Cable in the field. Temporarily disconnect the Levelogger from the SDI-12 Interface Cable, preferably in between recordings by the SDI-12 datalogger. Connect a laptop or Leveloader to download the independently recorded data.

If the Levelogger is disconnected from the SDI-12 network, and the SDI-12 datalogger tries to communicate with the Levelogger, the Red LED will flash as described in Section 1.3. This does not disrupt the SDI-12 datalogger or the rest of the sensors in the network. The Red LED will stop flashing once the Levelogger is reconnected.

After the data download is complete, the Levelogger is easily connected back into the SDI-12 network without disruption. The Levelogger is automatically verified when reconnected. See Section 4.2.