1.3.1 LevelVent Communication Wellhead

The LevelVent 5 Wellhead is extremely compact and conveniently seats in the opening of a Solinst 2" Well Cap Assembly (a 4" adaptor is also available).

The LevelVent 5 Wellhead has one direct read connection that is used to connect to a PC Interface Cable for communication with Solinst Levelogger PC Software. The Wellhead also allows direct connection to a Levelogger 5 App Interface or DataGrabber 5 (see separate User Guide/Instructions).


There are no batteries in the LevelVent Wellhead. The battery is located in the LevelVent 5 logger and is not user-replaceable.

The Wellhead contains a hydrophobic filter where the Vented Cable terminates at surface. There is no need to replace the filter, it is designed to provide protection from moisture over the lifetime of the instrument. The filter protects the cable from moisture, while still allowing air to flow through the vent tube, resulting in the cancellation effect of barometric pressure on the LevelVent 5 logger.

A 2" Well Cap Assembly is supplied with each Wellhead, along with a Support Hanger Bracket to secure the Vented Cable. See Section 8.1.1 for installation instructions.

solinst levelvent wellhead

Figure 1-7 Solinst LevelVent Wellhead