8.3 File Export

Data can be exported in *.csv (comma separated value), *.xle or *.lev (Levelogger/LevelVent/AquaVent) file formats by clicking Export Data while viewing the site data. The *.csv file format is supported and can be imported by most spreadsheet programs, *.xle files can be imported by Levelogger Software Version 4.0 and up, and *.lev files can be imported by any Levelogger Software Version, where data compensations can be performed.


For more information on data compensations using Levelogger Software, see separate Levelogger User Guide.


You can not export Rainlogger data as a *.lev file.

Clicking Export Data will display a drop down menu where you can select to export as a *.csv, *.xle , or *.lev file.

Exporting allows you to select a specific datalogger File. Choose the desired file from the list. The file name will include the datalogger serial number, and can be saved in a folder of your choice. You can also choose to rename the files. The files can be imported by the Levelogger Software, where barometric and other compensations can be performed.

solinst sts  telemetry system select levelogger window

Figure 8-6 Select Levelogger

solinst sts  telemetry  system save levelogger data window

Figure 8-7 Save Levelogger Data